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Cooking with Cannabis: Thanksgiving Edition featuring Dope Dinners

November 23, 2020 John Malanca
Be Informed. Be Well. With John Malanca
Cooking with Cannabis: Thanksgiving Edition featuring Dope Dinners
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Cooking with Cannabis: Thanksgiving Edition featuring Dope Dinners Boston with Edgard and Anna Hunt

Join John Malanca for an interactive food experience!  UPG proudly hosts husband and wife team Anna and Edgard, Founders of Dope Dinners Boston (@dopedinnersboston) who walk John through a dope cooking class!  We’ve given you the ingredients list (see below), so follow along.  This Thanksgiving will be like no other.

Edgard, an Executive Chef and his wife Anna have delighted sophisticated diners in the greater Boston area with cannabis infused gourmet meals, drinks, desserts and more.  Now you can follow John, step by step to create a special Thanksgiving. 

John cooks with this dynamic duo as they make an appetizer and mocktail which can be infused with your preferred cannabis or CBD tinctures.  Talented and popular with private dinner/function guests, you no longer need to live near Boston to enjoy the magic of Dope Dinners. Their culinary delights may take the turkey nap to a new level! 

It is 2020 after all.


Thanksgiving Appetizer
Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque
charred butternut squash, maple agradulce, lemon creme fraiche, pepitas

CBD Mocktail/Mixer
Spiced CBD Chai spices & coconut/almond milk

Ingredients/Shopping List (feeds 4)
Squash Bisque:
1 lb cubed butternut squash
2 medium yellow onions
6 cups veg or chicken stock
1 3/4 cup heavy cream
1 Tbsp cumin
1 Tbsp coriander
Bay leaf (1 fresh or 2 dry)

Maple Agradulce ingredients

1 cup maple syrup
1/2 cup finely diced shallot
2 lemon
spicy Thai chili sauce
Peptias or Pumpkin seeds - toasted
1 cup Creme Fraiche (or sour cream)

Cannabis infusion can be done with infused butter, olive oil

Spiced CBD Chai ingredients
Chai Tea
Low-fat coconut & almond milk
Your favorite CBD tincture

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John Malanca  0:02  
And we're live. Hey, everybody, John Malanca united patients group, be informed and be well, and we thought we'd do something in the spirit of Thanksgiving. So happy thanksgiving to You Happy Thanksgiving to Edgar and Anna back there. And then here in Atlanta, and there's a professional chef, culinary chef, and I asked him if you had his wife would join us for a little Thanksgiving tribute. It's been a crazy year for all and so wish everybody happy thanksgiving to Edgar and his wife, Anna are from the Boston area and their company is called dope dinners / dope dinners, Boston found on social media. We'll get all that out for you today. But welcome, guys. Thanks for coming on.

Unknown Speaker  0:54  
Yeah, thanks for having us, john. And Happy Thanksgiving everyone out there.

John Malanca  0:57  
Hi, john. And our audience is gonna love it. So we've we've never done this before. And this is the first I've done podcasts. We've done filming on a bunch of different things. We've never done the cooking show. And you know, so I want to thank my colleague and friend Beth dost Rn who is been on the show, and done a lot over the years with us? Who you guys both know are Anna, you know? And so I said, Who can we get on here to do a cooking show? And they're like, who can we get on? We have the perfect, perfect couple. Welcome, and thank you, Beth, for your connections and what you do for this industry and beyond. And so so what are we doing today? I've done a little prep here and I'm excited to share with with the audience and I know this will be the my part of my dinner tonight. But can you share what we're doing?

Unknown Speaker  1:49  
Yeah, absolutely. So we're doing a so we're here in New England. So we're doing a classic butternut squash soup or a butternut squash this because we're going to use a little bit of cream. So it's, it is going to be vegetarian, but it won't be dairy free, unfortunately, but we can make it there for us to be talking about that later. But yeah, we have roasted butternut squash and I'll show this to you all. So yeah, roasted butternut squash with some onion, and then seasons with cumin and coriander and black pepper.

John Malanca  2:21  
And so we'll put this we'll put the ingredients for for you our listeners as well. And this this recipe is for serving four to six or four people two to four.

Unknown Speaker  2:36  
This recipes for serving two to four to four people, okay? It's a quick you know, it's a quick recipe to just get done at home if you know you're in a rush to to get you know, a hearty soup. But you don't want to take all day to cook it um, it should take roughly 90 minutes to cook but it's a you know it's a it's a quick easy try shouldn't say it's so quick but it's it's nice and easy to do that you don't have to like pay attention too much to it. So couple steps but it gets right to the point and it's hearty and delicious. And it goes really good with the grilled cheese too if you're craving something else to go along with it as well.

John Malanca  3:14  
I love it well let's get going here I started on due to the power of cooking shows and watch many of them on on online and on TV. I did a couple steps ahead of time for our listener so we can get get get this going but let me grab his my pan here and I'll do a pre and so what I like doing is putting on a parchment paper you can do it directly on your your cooking sheet. What do you what do you recommend being at being a chef I'm a I'm a home chef.

Unknown Speaker  3:48  
Yeah. parchment paper is the way to go. I keep some in my drawer down here. Yeah, yeah, parchment paper, also known as logon rap, you can use or just you know, for this one I just did straight onto the sheet tray. As long as you're willing to do the hard work to scrub the sheet tray when you're done. It can easily just go straight on there as well. I'm no problem with that. You just have

John Malanca  4:13  
downside to parchment paper because I know there's an upside downside to tin foil is that death.

Unknown Speaker  4:18  
Yeah. So to parchment paper, the upside is easy cleaning but depending on how long you're roasting something and and how oily and pour Fatty, whatever it is that you're roasting. It could stick to the pan and it could be a pain in the ass to get off. So, um,

John Malanca  4:37  
but I mean, really and then and then also, is there a top and bottom? Is there one. Are they both the same?

Unknown Speaker  4:44  
They're both the same. Okay. Okay, it's just a sometimes some folks would flip it over if it comes on a roll. Yeah, I'd like to try to get the ones that come out of a rectangle box. Yeah, um, I mean, I may have some Here

Unknown Speaker  5:00  
comes out more like a tissue box.

Unknown Speaker  5:05  
Pardon my message ROI here. But yeah.

John Malanca  5:11  
Pr gotcha. Okay. Yeah, I have mine was on the roll and I put that on there and show we start off with butternut squash, you can do it the hard way, the easy easy way you can purchase them already already cubed. And we're growing we're about it about a pound is what your your recipe calls for. Correct?

Unknown Speaker  5:30  
Yeah, cuz you want a nice a pound, or once it's cooked down, it's good. There's good once it's roasted, the the water content will like you know, Rose out of the squash itself, so they'll shrink. So pound is actually going to lend itself to like a nice hearty puree to keep the the soup so thick. And if you want it to stretch it and possibly feed more than four, we just have to add a little bit more benchtop and maybe some more cream, okay, and that'll kind of, you know, stretch it a little longer. But it's mainly for the the nice thickness to keep it nice and hearty and rich.

John Malanca  6:06  
So I'm going to do step one, I know you're already at step two, and I have a step two already, but I'm going to do this for our listeners. So basically, what we're doing with Edgar is recommending is getting about a pound I did a little more I'm feeling a little more spreading across here. When you said in your in your recipe and you're you you have a yellow onion, but it's just cut into quarters, is it cut into quarters into cubes? Or is it cutting into quarters? Literally into quarter of the

Unknown Speaker  6:39  
literally into quarters? Yeah, just cut it in four pieces. It's a rough chop on just because it's you know, it's got a roast in the oven. Yeah, for quite some time. So you want you know, you want the onion to essentially bake while it's roasting so that the the sweetness and the juices of the onion kind of base themselves. Um, so yeah, so just a rough chop, pretty much rough chop on everything. If you know if, if you don't, if you do get the butternut squash that's not pre packaged and pre dice. You have a whole squash, you could actually just cut the whole squash in half. Throw it in the oven and you know, scoop out the middle ones. It's nicely roasted

Unknown Speaker  7:22  
in your quarter cut.

Unknown Speaker  7:26  
Yes. Okay, so

John Malanca  7:27  
you cut cutting the quarter. And you do this with with what your recipe calls Is it is it doing to two onions, or one to one?

Unknown Speaker  7:40  
Well, if they're that big, yeah, maybe one. Okay, that actually the course that you have, you can cut those in half. So then maybe cut them into, I guess eight. So at that point, they roast nicely all the way through. If your onions are that big I had when I started this product today I had medium onions medium size, I mean, so I used I use like three of those and I was able to cut them in quarters nicely.

John Malanca  8:05  
If we were in Texas, I'd say things are bigger in Texas, but then California show show up. Okay, so let's do that. I mean, the colors of the fall right now just beautiful. I love but Oh yeah.

Unknown Speaker  8:20  
So when I came up with this recipe,

John Malanca  8:21  
I was like, okay, you're speaking my language here.

Unknown Speaker  8:26  
Yeah. I mean, this is you know, we're here we're in New England. So this is this is how we really enjoy our fall. Fall bouncy, you know, the all the lovely squashes the different heirloom squashes that we get. Yeah, recently did a beautiful squash soup with a Honey Nut squash, which is basically a baby butternut squash, okay, but they're like, you know, super sweet and kind of like almost dessert late so you can actually roast them in the oven whole, you know, cut them in half and put some whipped cream or ice cream and drizzle some maple maple syrup. or hit it with some sugar. But that's for another show.

John Malanca  9:07  
Okay, this this is a It's okay, just having having it like this or would you cut it? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  9:14  
honestly, you could leave it you don't have to break them apart. Oh, really? Brooks in the oven. Like they'll they'll start to cook you actually. So I left some of mine intact. Like this. Okay, um, I don't know if you can see that. Yeah. Um, so that way you know while it the out, you know, some of the the rings roasted but it started to like, essentially, bait, okay, and kind of like carmelized the inside and so everything got soft. So you want that you want the sweetness to kind of lock in in there as well. Okay. So I'm,

Unknown Speaker  9:50  
what we're doing over here I have

John Malanca  9:55  
a salt

Unknown Speaker  9:57  

John Malanca  10:06  
So, um, I'm a big fan of coarse, coarse salt. And is that what you recommend? you're recommending as well?

Unknown Speaker  10:15  
Yeah, absolutely. Core salt. kosher salt.

Unknown Speaker  10:21  

Unknown Speaker  10:21  
Yes. That's that's the that's my go to only because because the, the granules are bigger, um, it's a bit harder to overseas it I think a little kind of goes a long way with it.

Unknown Speaker  10:35  
And then a little pepper after that correct?

Unknown Speaker  10:36  
Yes. A little dope. I like to use a I like to fresh. I love the fresh ground pepper. I actually use a mortar and pestle

John Malanca  10:50  
for mine. I'm not. And I have one here and it's somewhere in my kitchen. But yeah, like I said, I'm a home chef man. I'm a wannabe chef. So when you said you wanted to come on, I was like, come on, bring it on. Okay, the pumpkin seeds as well. And so pumpkin seeds. Are we putting those on?

Unknown Speaker  11:14  
No. So we're gonna, um, the pumpkin seeds are actually going to be for garnish. Garnish. Okay, so yeah, it's gonna be like part of the crispy topping. That kind of rounds the entire dish out. So with those, I actually toasted those. I'm just toasted them in a pan. Normal, beautiful. And then, um, you know, they're nicely toasted and they, you know, season with a little bit of salt. As they're toasting just so that the salt adheres to the seeds themselves. Okay, um, yeah, they're a nice healthy snack. You can you know, put it on your yogurt. You can just eat them.

John Malanca  11:51  
I love coriander mixture on here. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  11:55  

John Malanca  11:56  
I'm a fan of coriander. And then you you said cumin as well, right? Yeah. And I didn't have cumin but I did have a little and you can put whatever you want. And if you'd like to cook whatever you have in the kitchen, I end up putting a tiny little dash of curry powder on that. Oh, that works because there's

Unknown Speaker  12:15  
cumin and coriander in there. Yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker  12:18  

Unknown Speaker  12:19  
I'll talk about why I use cumin, coriander, please. I like to have just like a mix of cumin coriander already, like in a deli. Um, and the reason I use it is because it it's a nostalgic flavor for me. I'm from the Caribbean. Oh, yeah. So um, you know, we So, cumin and coriander is kind of like the bass for a lot of different Caribbean flavors, as well as a lot of like, I think East Asian flavors or East Indian flavors. So there's a lot of like East Indian influence in the Caribbean. So that's why we use a lot of cumin, coriander, cilantro, you know, a lot of those like super herbaceous herbs. Um, and I like to add that in the food that I made, because it reminds people like, yes, I'm using the ingredients that are from here, but I want to let you know where I'm from too. So I want to you know, add a little spice. Beautiful.

John Malanca  13:14  
Yeah. If you haven't seen Edgar's website, or actually Instagram page, you'll see some of his work. He's completed work, which is dope boss schemee dope dinners, Boston, and on Instagram, and you'll see his whole mixture of what what he's done.

Unknown Speaker  13:32  
Yeah, and you get into cooking on so

John Malanca  13:37  
while we get into that story, let me get this in. I'll get this in the oven and take it to the next thing. So salt, pepper, coriander, what I use is a little chili powder. Curry powder, excuse me or cumin, which you're talking about? Yeah, um, what am I missing here and I was going to go next with my curry powder. Excuse me knew I had it.

Unknown Speaker  14:03  
All right. And

John Malanca  14:07  
and then what I have I have medicated olive oil. Absolutely. And so you're saying three tablespoons or three teaspoons.

Unknown Speaker  14:16  
So just to season them up because you have a lot of vegetable there. I would go with three tablespoons just to like you know, be able to coat everything nicely. Okay, um, so you can either do this on the sheet tray, or you can actually do it in a bowl. Um, that really depends on on your preference and but you're just going to you know, sprinkle the the oil, the medicated oil on it and then kind of like toss everything in the sheet tray and then toss them in the oven. That way all the all the seasoning Can, can, can adhere to all of the all the vegetables that are on this on a sheet tray. So you that's that's the way I like to cook. I'm going to get my hands and

John Malanca  14:58  
I'm going to go for tables. Because it's been a stressful year, and yeah, you're doing that given this year. So and then, you know, we're gonna

Unknown Speaker  15:05  
we're gonna go with a little bit on top two. So make sure you have some to garnish. Gotcha.

John Malanca  15:12  
Okay, so I have everything listed here. My hands are clean. And I am going to mix correct.

Unknown Speaker  15:18  
Absolutely. Okay, mix away. Mix your way. So,

John Malanca  15:24  
Joe, Joe again. How did you get into cooking?

Unknown Speaker  15:26  
Yeah, so got into cooking. Um, one time I so everyone in my family cooks is a great cook. Yeah. And learn a llama grandmother. Well, grandmother. So I wanted to I wanted to fry my own egg one time. And I didn't want to like, you know, I didn't want to keep asking my grandma to do it, or my mom to do it. So one time I just I just asked my grandma and she showed me And ever since then, it's just been you know, it's just been cooking. Um, yeah, I also grew up, you know, watching Food Network a lot. Watch the travel channel a lot. So always watch shows with like Andrew Zimmern. And Anthony Bourdain and Samantha Brown was always really into, you know, travel and leisure and hospitality in general. So I think that's why, you know, I've always been, I've always been somebody that it's always been a part of my life. I'm also growing up my dad has been in the hospitality industry my entire life. So I'm, and I mentioned before, I'm from the Caribbean, I'm actually from St. Maarten St. Maarten is known as the coronary jewel of the Caribbean. So it's another reason, you know, cooking is everywhere, down there. So it's another reason that you know, I think it's in my book kind of thing. It's funny. And you have customer service in your blog,

John Malanca  16:45  
or, you know, coming, I'm also, you know, I was in, in college, and I work in restaurants and waiting tables, and I love cooking. And, you know, it's in your, it's in your blood, it's definitely, like you said, So, um, I want to continue hearing your story, but I'm going to do this in, in, in segments here. So everything's mixed together, I'm putting it in the oven isn't a fluke, that it's 420 on the oven temperature is that?

Unknown Speaker  17:11  
Yeah, 420 on if, if you have a convection oven, so whenever with a fan, it's actually even better, because it'll go, you'll get the nice carmelized we get that nice carmelized roasted, you know, color that you want, that's going to be flavor. Um, so yeah, so, but if you don't, um, then 424 roughly, I did 42 minutes or 42 minutes, but you can do, you know, basically, um, gruesome, high and hard, so that they carmelize and then they they cook all the way through because they're also going to cook more once they get into the pot.

John Malanca  17:54  
So not just show. I'm going to put this in the other oven Edgar and dirty ship for 420. So keep talking. I'm right here.

Unknown Speaker  18:06  
Yeah, so the reason you want to row seats at a high temperature so that we can kind of develop what's called a my art crust, or a my art reaction is, so that's when food, you know, gets the starts to carmelize essentially, and that, that carmelization just adds more flavor on typically, I love doing this on a grill. Um, it's kind of cold outside today. So we didn't do the grill. Yeah, um, but I love you know, chopping these vegetables on the grill first, and then getting them into the pot and then cooking them down. That that charred grill flavor really adds a lot of adds like a big depth of flavor, actually, so I love that. Yeah. Actually.

John Malanca  18:54  
I took the head, because because of time I've already put this in there for 4042 to 45 minutes. I'm chase yet

Unknown Speaker  19:04  
how they taste? Hmm.

John Malanca  19:06  
Right in the seasoning. I get it.

Unknown Speaker  19:08  
Yeah, awesome. Wonderful.

John Malanca  19:13  
Well, the onions, the seasoning, you know what I did in the first room? What's that? I actually accidentally toasted the?

Unknown Speaker  19:24  
Oh, no, that's actually that's, that's not a bad idea. Okay, that

John Malanca  19:30  
cooking, you can make mistakes and go for that.

Unknown Speaker  19:33  
So actually, I'll explain what you just did. So in Mexico, they do that a lot. Um, you know, they'll toast the seeds, or, you know, they'll cook the seeds, or roast them with the vegetables and kind of make a stew and, and that's how, you know, that's how movies are made, essentially. On a certain level. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So you know, you're, you're basically making um, I mean, it's not been formally experienced, but it's, you could call it a movie that calabasa

John Malanca  20:00  
You know, if the morlais What is it?

Unknown Speaker  20:03  
More than that kind of answer? Because Carla says molinia calabasa.

John Malanca  20:08  
Yeah, good. All right. So my mistake, added a little flavor a little bit thing,

Unknown Speaker  20:13  
actually, you know what, I would cook everything that you have there, because that's just going to add even more depth of flavor. And that's what I'm, that's what I was talking about earlier. You know, roasting all of that, and then curating it, and then you know, having it, you taste every little step and then the smokiness in the roasted back, you know, the roasted flavor just really comes out. And it's just, it creates a wonderful experience.

John Malanca  20:39  
Well, good. So next step, I have

Unknown Speaker  20:44  

John Malanca  20:46  
the pot over there, and you you call it as a hard pot, I guess. Would you call it?

Unknown Speaker  20:51  
Yeah, or heavy bottom pot? Anybody use so I have something similar to you. It's like a lake per se. Um,

John Malanca  21:04  
okay, so I'm gonna put that in there.

Unknown Speaker  21:07  
When the Roshi, I have something similar to you.

John Malanca  21:10  
Okay, so let me let me get the headshot on there with you. And so what we're doing for this is the roof, the roasted portion of it. And I'm going to wrap that to the heavy bottom correct. The heavy bottom pan?

Unknown Speaker  21:29  

John Malanca  21:30  
that I've already included that I've put in here. Either chicken stock vegetable spot stock. And we're doing what about a quart and a half?

Unknown Speaker  21:45  
All right, yes, corn has roughly six cups. Okay,

Unknown Speaker  21:50  
summon added right into the shimmering shock that's there.

Unknown Speaker  21:58  
And, um, I like to make my sock at home. You can totally buy it, it's very, you know, you can purchase it anywhere. But it's also very easy to make. So if you do have that, that heavy cast iron pot that you're using, if you have something like that at home, um, you can you know, just I like for my vegetable stock I use carrots, onion and celery. So just you know, cut them small and kind of roast them in the pan with a little bit of olive oil and then add my water once I get some color and then I'm then kind of Season it with Bailey's and again the cumin coriander, but I won't post it. I'll just put it in their hole. And then a little bit of black pepper corn as well and then strain it after about an hour. And then you have your homemade vegetable stock. Beautiful.

Unknown Speaker  22:49  
And then and then you can

John Malanca  22:53  

Unknown Speaker  22:55  
Yes, sorry, I'm

John Malanca  22:58  
driving leaves right by Dr. Bailey. So jeweler one.

Unknown Speaker  23:02  
Yeah, I would go with two for dry dailies. And if you had a fresh one, I would just go with fresh one.

John Malanca  23:08  
And heavy cream. Actually, it

Unknown Speaker  23:11  
also you could also use a cannabis leaf. Um, if you know if you if you have the opportunity to have you know, have access to them. If you do have like trimmings, you can use that as like a as you know, flavoring as a baby food. You just have to pull it out before you know before you puree. Okay.

Unknown Speaker  23:32  
Right now.

John Malanca  23:36  
So I'm putting how much heavy cream do I put in here?

Unknown Speaker  23:40  
So we're gonna do about a I believe a cup and a third. I think

John Malanca  23:49  
a 1234123 quarters cups. I think what you said right

Unknown Speaker  23:52  
123 quarters cup.

Unknown Speaker  23:56  
So one in three quarters cut

Unknown Speaker  23:59  

John Malanca  24:02  
add the heavy cream in here. Well, it's a beautiful day here. So we're not experiencing the cold chilly out there in New England.

Unknown Speaker  24:18  
Yeah, it was a pretty chilly gloomy day today. I'm not gonna lie. So something like this for dinner is perfect.

John Malanca  24:24  
Yeah. Any plans for Thanksgiving?

Unknown Speaker  24:28  
Ah, what are we doing for Thanksgiving we're not doing any dinners given the recent you know, uptick in COVID. But we are gonna, you know, cook for ourselves and good. Probably just going to cook some chicken and and it's going to cook her famous stuffing or her nanny state and stuffing and she's going to cook her 97 eggplant, which are two dishes that I will go to the end of the world for. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  24:52  
so we're gonna just stay home and cook way more than for two people.

Unknown Speaker  24:57  
Yeah, and just eat it all.

John Malanca  25:00  
how long this lasts if you if you over cookie like you said four to six, but right now if you just the two of you at home, can you put in the frigerator? freezer at all

Unknown Speaker  25:09  
or? Yes, absolutely. Once you puree it, you can put it in the fridge, it'll keep in the fridge. Just because there's there in it. I would you know, be aware of Be aware that it might go bad after about two weeks in the fridge, but okay, it'll probably be in the fridge for it freezes perfectly and it crosses really nicely.

John Malanca  25:30  
Oh, should I keep I'm looking at two, we're sure we're putting much keeping that simmering in the pot there for 20 minutes. Correct.

Unknown Speaker  25:41  
Correct. And then the

John Malanca  25:44  
the maple agrodolce, which is want to talk about that and I'm going to get a little Yeah, so about 10 minutes on that as well.

Unknown Speaker  25:51  
Absolutely. So while the vegetables are simmering with your stock and cream mixture, and kind of cooking even more, um, yeah, you just get a small saucepan.

John Malanca  26:05  
saucepan just okay.

Unknown Speaker  26:08  
Yeah, absolutely. So yeah, I was gonna say something, something like this.

John Malanca  26:11  
Yeah. Perfect. Gotcha. And so what I've done here for our followers, that is a cup, one cup of maple syrup that I've added in here, and I put on the saucepan at low heat correct is what I've done.

Unknown Speaker  26:24  
Yes, low heat. Yes, super low heat because you don't want it to kind of overcook on you and kind of turned into caremount it's eventually going to turn into a camera but you don't want it to do that before you add all your other ingredients. Okay,

John Malanca  26:38  
so we're gonna do this for about 10 minutes. And so I'm have this on Loki. And I've done some shoutouts already, but we're going to do you're adding it's pretty interesting when I read your, your ingredients here. shallots, lemon, Thai chili sauce, your favorite will do Cook on low heat until the syrup begins to bubble and we do this for 10 minutes. Remove from heat strain. And then you're talking about saving us the cook shallot and chili cook kind of turn into a jam is what you're saying. Right? Yeah, absolutely.

Unknown Speaker  27:10  
You can use that jam on like cheese if you want to, you know your if you want to do a cheese board during the holidays, especially you can it's a it's a tasty jam that you can put on Brie or on on any kind of cheese really. It goes good on any kind of query as well. Okay. It's like a nice, savory spicy, it's like sweet, sour, spicy. Salty kind of hits all the you know, umami flavors that you want. So I love it.

John Malanca  27:38  
I'm back on the pumpkin cheese. I love pumpkin cheese.

Unknown Speaker  27:42  

John Malanca  27:44  
So I have the I have the maple syrup going. And then this is just shots that I've already prepared to cut up your dice, chop and chop it into small small pieces and just pour that right in there.

Unknown Speaker  27:59  
Just pour it right in there.

Unknown Speaker  28:02  

Unknown Speaker  28:03  
yep. All right in.

John Malanca  28:07  
What was the little flavor in there? I know. I love I love a little spicy kick, too. So how much would you recommend with this?

Unknown Speaker  28:15  
Yeah, so for the Thai chili sauce, um, I would go I would go see it's a cup of maple syrup. So I would go with let's say two tablespoons,

Unknown Speaker  28:29  
two tablespoons. It

Unknown Speaker  28:31  
I think that's what I had written in the recipe but if not, I can change that. Really also depends on how kind of how spicy you want it to

Unknown Speaker  28:42  
start on Thai chili sauce does have some sweetness as well. So okay, it's not entirely spicy.

John Malanca  28:49  
Until I have the the shelter I added the lemon. That was my next question for you. So I have I have lemon and lemon jesh how much lemon would you like? Would you recommend me put Yes,

Unknown Speaker  28:59  
so I would go with the zest of one lemon.

Unknown Speaker  29:02  
Justin one lemon? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  29:06  
Before you Yes, I was tested right in the in the pot. Okay. Yep.

John Malanca  29:13  
But but make sure you don't make sure you don't just the sticker right?

Unknown Speaker  29:17  
Yes, correct. finger or your finger or your finger my finger.

Unknown Speaker  29:24  
Okay, so when you say the whole lemon I mean Lily going around?

Unknown Speaker  29:28  
Yes. Correct. I'm trying not to get the PIP just the yellow.

Unknown Speaker  29:36  

John Malanca  29:40  
Sorry, smelling delicious here, by the way.

Unknown Speaker  29:43  
Oh, awesome. Yeah, is here too.

John Malanca  29:46  
And then when you say lemon, how much lemon Am I putting in.

Unknown Speaker  29:48  
So for the agrodolce we'll do. We'll do half of elimite have a lemon.

John Malanca  29:56  
And you can use the same lemon that you just tested. I usually do my lemon like dirt use a screener.

Unknown Speaker  30:10  
So half a lemon, Correct. Correct.

Unknown Speaker  30:17  
And this is still on a low simmer cliche.

Unknown Speaker  30:20  
Yes. And then just like let it all cook for, you know, I would use a wooden spoon and kind of, you know, stir everything into let it's in the pot. Um, and this wooden spoon, just a wooden spoon.

John Malanca  30:38  
Oh, what I think he's gonna wait for it. I said, I've never heard of a witch before.

Unknown Speaker  30:41  
Oh, no, no wooden spoon.

Unknown Speaker  30:43  

Unknown Speaker  30:48  
Or any sweet will do. But a wooden spoon. I like using a wooden spoon whenever I'm cooking with sugar. Just because that makes the cleanup a bit easier. Yeah.

John Malanca  30:59  
Okay, so and that will kind of go for about 10 minutes and kind of turn into consistency of a jam is what you're saying? Correct?

Unknown Speaker  31:08  
Well, it'll turn into the consistency of like a syrup. So it'll be like that, if you can see my squeeze bottle. Yeah. And once you strain it, or something I like to do is everything that you had in that pot. if, if, if anyone has like an immersion blender at home, or a stick blender, while it's in the pot, if you you know, blend it in, it'll like it'll turn into this like really jammy consistency, it didn't strain that and that's whatever's left over is what you want to use for, you know, cheeseboards and that'll be the jam but the syrup is what what will be the agrodolce

John Malanca  31:45  
Okay, and then also as a as a an ending of this are in addition to this, we're making a chai. Almond coconut CBD infused drink or cocktail, right? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  32:00  
we like to call them mocktails or elixirs, actually, so I've only got one here.

John Malanca  32:07  
And so and what is that there?

Unknown Speaker  32:10  
So yes, so this is I like to make my own child mix. Okay, but you can you can use your favorite child, you know, that you like from the store?

John Malanca  32:19  
Now, and again, I probably went the the quick way. Which is the child in the packs like this. Does that work?

Unknown Speaker  32:27  
Yeah, that works perfectly.

John Malanca  32:29  
And so am I putting this making a chai tea? Like in cookies or little tea bags? I believe? And am I just putting it in the hot water in? Yeah, tea bags. And I'm putting this in hot water and making tea with it.

Unknown Speaker  32:45  
Yeah, so instead of hot water I use I use coconut milk or a coconut. Almond mix, but warm or not warm, warm.

Unknown Speaker  32:56  
Okay. Yes, I

Unknown Speaker  32:58  
seek to tea in that, you can actually use your favorite like, if you know, if you want to make it more of a dessert, you can use like your favorite sweetened coconut milk, like the one that comes in a can. And then just you know, cut it with a little bit of almond milk. And, you know, use that to speak the tip. And kind of make it more of like a fun dessert. And then, you know, add your favorite CBD into it.

John Malanca  33:27  
So basically, shall I start boiling something in here with the little Yeah, and when you go into almond or coconut are you doing both,

Unknown Speaker  33:36  
I do both. Okay, and just for folks, the coconut might be a bit lumpy. Um, but again, you could, once you straight everything, you could throw that in a blender and blend it off, or even just stream it, um, and then sweeten it with a little bit of maple syrup or turbinado sugar or brown sugar. So you can even add brown sugar in there. And kind of, you know, sweeten it up if you want because it won't be it won't be too sweet off the top. When you first try it. But once you add a little bit of sugar, add a little bit of maple syrup. It will be delicious.

John Malanca  34:15  
So right now we have we should actually do this here. I'm going to bring you guys over with me to take Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  34:25  

John Malanca  34:26  
The company in the kitchen here. So right here. Is that cooking to it. Okay, that looks great. In the same thing. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  34:42  

Unknown Speaker  34:43  
that's good.

John Malanca  34:45  
I just I just want to be a good student from the world class. Travel Channel, cooking channel, Chef chef hunt.

Unknown Speaker  34:54  
I Well, not yet. I'm hoping to get there one day

Unknown Speaker  35:01  
Well, don't forget after you started here on united patients group, yeah, there we go.

Unknown Speaker  35:07  
But yeah, just for my mind is very, very similar.

John Malanca  35:13  
Okay, so mine looks a little more watery than not not just a watery, more liquid, did it cook

Unknown Speaker  35:22  
a little bit. So, you know, as it cooks, when it cooks for that 20 minutes, it'll reduce. Um, um, you know, you're kind of smell the cream caramelizing a little bit. Okay, once that happens, and then that's when that's when it's pretty much ready to end. Like, you know, all the vegetables in there will start to break down. And that's when it's ready to puree.

Unknown Speaker  35:44  

Unknown Speaker  35:45  
it smells so good.

John Malanca  35:49  
I can already smell it here. And

Unknown Speaker  35:54  
yeah, I mean, you can you can even cook it for longer than 20 minutes. I said 20 minutes, just because I wanted to, you know, make it easy. On the average home cook that will you know, wants to just get dinner going. But if you want it to potentially cook it for, you know, an hour, you could do that.

John Malanca  36:11  
And you will definitely have a little shimmer in a low. low heat. Correct.

Unknown Speaker  36:17  
Yeah. And you know what I even like to at this at this point, I even like to season the, the, the cream mixture or the pot that you have like the liquid, I like to season that with the same seasoning that I see that I roasted the the squash with, because then that will kind of bring out a bit of that flavor or flavor more. Okay.

John Malanca  36:40  
So while we're doing that, tell me what what your what you what you're doing it dinner. I mean, cuz I I've been on your Instagram page. Impressive stuff. Like you said, my, you know, I was in the restaurant business for years. And so, you know, I'm a foodie, foodie at heart. Yeah. And seeing that I was like, wow, I mean, you, you you've have some beautiful creations. And now with inventive creations, you're incorporating cannabis in there. And so yeah, talk about some of the things you're doing when you've done what you plan on doing.

Unknown Speaker  37:13  
Yeah, I mean, um, primarily, we've just been doing, you know, I guess, on site dinners for for small groups of folks. We've been doing a lot of takeout, um, you know, people, you know, kind of email us and want like, a custom menu. And, you know, we designed that menu, so that it's, it's, it's able to be translated in a takeout way. Yeah, we've been really good at, you know, being able to figure navigate COVID especially during these unprecedented times, cuz we've, we've been doing a lot of parties and things like that. So chill that and talk about a lot more what we've been doing.

Unknown Speaker  37:54  

Unknown Speaker  37:54  
I mean, the I'm so dope dinner started. We've been married. I was three years in August. And thank you, gradually. Thanks a lot. So we took like a belated honeymoon A few months later. And, you know, as the story goes, we're sitting on a beach in Mexico. And that's when we sort of put this whole vision together and put it out there and came home and started doing it and, you know, started basically doing it for friends. And we would do, you know, a five or six course meal for six to 12 people, that's kind of our, our sweet spot. So and then before COVID, we would do sort of seasonal parties where we would be able to keep the price a little lower. People could come meet us and just you know, have a party, which of course, that's something we're really missing right now. But

John Malanca  38:52  
yeah, I've heard of your your back. Beth doster. I've mentioned the beginning her daughter and her husband had been to one of your dinners or they had you for

Unknown Speaker  39:04  
Yeah, they they hosted one at their

Unknown Speaker  39:10  
dinner. They're wonderful. They're big supporters. Yeah, we love that.

John Malanca  39:15  
Well, I start I started united precious patients group from an idea with my wife back in 2010 2011. So when I'm doing stuff like this, I love it and go on, because it's such a, isn't it a great feeling that you can do this with somebody and it's not work. It's not. It's fun. And you could spend, at least for me, it was we enjoyed 24 hours a day and it was normal, you know, and you know, and so you guys, and I'm certain there's things that you love, Diana that Edgar doesn't like doing and vice versa and it's called team and I think they're a great partnership not only in business, but in life and happy anniversary. to you both. And I think that's Yeah. I love it. I love it. Beautiful.

Unknown Speaker  40:05  
You're right.

Unknown Speaker  40:07  
Thank you. Our skill sets have really complemented each other. Well. My background is more in event planning in the sort of fundraising world galahs and that kind of thing. And then I'm just from a big Italian family where you know, big dinners at home multi course dinners are just you know, me. Yeah. So it where I come from big time family.

John Malanca  40:31  
This is my secret. Garlic.

Unknown Speaker  40:34  
There you go.

John Malanca  40:34  
I didn't see any girl. I'm like, come on. I could barely breathe everything I'd like Okay.

Unknown Speaker  40:39  
I'll follow his lead. We use a lot of onion though. So

Unknown Speaker  40:42  
yeah, yeah, I mean, he makes his own fresh. He'll dry out the garlic and then grind it up like fresh garlic powder. I'm like, Okay, this this works. Alright, next, your home. I can smell the tie. So actually, I

Unknown Speaker  41:02  
can I can talk about my chime mix real quick.

John Malanca  41:07  
So um, while I'm this is almost done, shimmering, which is the, the vegetables. So I have that over here. And then orange when you're cooking with the maple syrup and everything else like that as well.

Unknown Speaker  41:22  
How's that looking? Is that is that probably a little bit? The

John Malanca  41:25  
maple syrup? Is it? Is it perfect. Okay, awesome.

Unknown Speaker  41:30  
Okay, so how much do you know? Do you have a time? Or do you have time left on it? You know? You could potentially cook it for a little longer, but all right. Perfect. Perfect.

John Malanca  41:41  
We're about eight minutes and 22 seconds.

Unknown Speaker  41:43  
All right, awesome. Yeah, so wait, so how much longer do you have on? Do you have time? Or are you I guess I'm scheduled to puree your your soup and our

John Malanca  42:04  
puree but I can start setting up to the the the chime mix as we go. So I have boom we're gonna put right here saucepan. No sauce pan, which I'll put the coconut and almond together and their coconut almond milk together.

Unknown Speaker  42:20  
Yes. So you're gonna put all the ingredients in there together and then steep it on a super low simmering heat. Okay, it's like let it come together. And that'll, you know that'll stay on there. And you know until everything's done it can be pretty much be ready by the time everything is is set and ready to go. So I just went with Almond

John Malanca  42:45  
Breeze almond milk that Okay, yeah, I did a little organic with the coconut milk that work with you. Oh, perfect. Okay, yeah.

Unknown Speaker  42:53  
So I would go I would do a one to one ratio. So it's basically just as much as you want to drink or as much as you're trying to feed. Um, so um, for us just since it's just us two I did a two cups of each.

John Malanca  43:16  
Now, is that something you can store? Or is it something that you should just make? Like if you have four people just make it for four people?

Unknown Speaker  43:24  
I know it's somebody who can definitely store um yeah, it's you can even enjoy it hold you don't have to enjoy it hot so Okay, so I'm gonna do we'll do a one to one mixture

John Malanca  43:33  
I'll go is one cup one cup enough?

Unknown Speaker  43:36  
Yeah, absolutely.

John Malanca  43:43  
So one cup in for our real shift that know about ounces that's 48 ounces.

Unknown Speaker  43:52  

John Malanca  43:53  
and that was a in the only reason I know that because it says it right here other than that I've been ghoulie I've been using Siri all day how many pints in a court copy course. So there's my one to one ratio of almond milk to coconut milk. What else are they adding in there Edgar?

Unknown Speaker  44:19  
I so I did. You can add a cinnamon stick if you have it. And then your your favorite child mix. But for I actually made my own like child instead of using a bag. Use your own do your favorite bag that you like and just a cinnamon stick and some tumeric in there just for for extra flavor. Okay, obviously your favorite CBD,

John Malanca  44:44  
so I have a ground cinnamon so I don't have a cinnamon stick. That's fine.

Unknown Speaker  44:52  
So a couple sprinkles in there.

John Malanca  44:54  
And then what was what was the other thing you said?

Unknown Speaker  44:56  
So I I used I used to Very turmeric. Okay. Yeah, just because that also gives it some color. Yeah. Um, and then I also used, I used all spice, okay. And I used a little bit of clove

John Malanca  45:16  
and clove, okay.

Unknown Speaker  45:20  
But these are, you know, the spaces that I use to make my own Chai mix. I also use cardamom pods. And then you know, not everyone has a lot of those ingredients, but just so I have is I do so I like to make a lot of my own things that I that I can I like to try to make? Okay, um, yeah, you can even throw in some anise seeds that you have in there some of that too. Yeah. Yeah. And then sweeten it with maple syrup, or brown sugar. Maple syrup.

John Malanca  46:01  
So I can I can add that to the thing as well. Yeah, you can.

Unknown Speaker  46:05  
Yeah, you can sweeten it with that, um, you know, as little or as much as you want. Really. If you want it to make this like a, like a, you know, a warm winter alcoholic beverage, kind of like a toddy of some sort. You get it? Yeah, you can actually put rum in this. It's almost like a like a painkiller tiny, if you will.

Unknown Speaker  46:35  
A what would you call it?

Unknown Speaker  46:36  
So if you put rum in it in this Moto M, or that it becomes a cocktail, obviously, but you call it a painkiller, tiny pain? painkiller Tati?

John Malanca  46:48  
Yeah, killer Tawny. Okay.

Unknown Speaker  46:50  
I just made that up on the

John Malanca  46:53  
painkiller Tati calm. How about that?

Unknown Speaker  46:56  
Yeah. All right.

John Malanca  46:57  
Okay, so um, if you have and then when when do you put your your favorite teach CBD in there afterwards? Your watch cooking

Unknown Speaker  47:05  
afterwards? Gotcha. Okay.

John Malanca  47:07  
Yeah. It's your boy, I can smell all these flavors. Right now. I can smell the cinnamon. I added a little more cinnamon that I wanted. But it's okay. I you know, yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker  47:18  
You can always add a little bit more milk to kind of dilute it. Um, but honestly, with you know, it's, it's, it'll pair very well with the flavors of the soup. Once you you know, once it's all said and done.

Unknown Speaker  47:29  
So I mean, I think it's just like, smells like autumn in New England in here.

John Malanca  47:35  
Yeah. Let's just make sure that's not the cannabis. That's okay, so Edgar, I have my vegetables. They're simmering. It's been about 20 minutes. So what would you What do you recommend putting into the blender? Now or stringing it first?

Unknown Speaker  47:56  
I know I would put it put it on, you know, put it into the blender. Um,

John Malanca  48:01  
so but but I'm putting in the blender. But But am I taking the Bailey's out or my put with

Unknown Speaker  48:06  
taking the Bailey's out?

John Malanca  48:08  
Okay. So it because it's hot, and it's warm. And so for our listeners that are that are doing this at home, I generally would put it in a strainer, but because the only two things I need to pull out are the Bailey's I might just pull the Bailey's on then. And did port port.

Unknown Speaker  48:23  
Yeah, so correct. So we're doing that. So I would pour, I would try to get I guess more vegetable than liquid in the blender. That way, you know, so it doesn't get too hot and kind of like, explode on you. Um, but obviously, you know, some liquid to help get the blending process going. Yeah, and if you do have another, I guess another vessel, it looks like you're using a Vitamix. I need a Vitamix. Correct. Perfect. So that is my preferred vendor. I know that not everyone will have one arm. But again, I just pulled out I just pulled

John Malanca  49:03  
out the the two bay leaves that I put in there. But other than that, I put everything else in there, correct? Yes, but you want me to get more vegetable than SOS? Correct?

Unknown Speaker  49:15  
Yeah, if you can, um, just so that it doesn't explode on you on because if there's too much liquid in there, it'll, it'll pop the top of the

John Malanca  49:24  
I'm gonna do the little strainer here and do it that way.

Unknown Speaker  49:27  
Perfect. I'm going to I shall wait till you're done. And then just to show folks at home I'm actually going to use a hand blender to do this. Um, I find this a lot easier than having to transfer it that way. It kind of just all stays in one pot. Um, this one I think we got for like 30 bucks. This is the you know, you can find you can find these pretty much anywhere. I think they're a great tool to have at home. Especially You're a home chef that

John Malanca  50:01  
don't have everything and you want it for Christmas. We're a month out. 30 Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  50:06  
there we go. What brand is that? This so this is the xo ACO. Yeah. Yeah, it makes really good products. Um, especially for the grip. Um, you know, they you can grip things really well. It's really easy to clean. This comes apart so that you know, this is dishwasher safe. Yeah, this is we've had this for three years. And it's, it's a workhorse and it's it's always has impressed me every time I use it.

Unknown Speaker  50:39  
I like it because you don't have to keep you don't have to like pour pick up the pie. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  50:47  
limits the amount of steps. So I get so that that looks perfect. Good.

Unknown Speaker  50:51  
Good. And so what I'm going to do put this on here, it's a heavy been low blend, what would you recommend?

Unknown Speaker  50:57  
So I would start low. Yeah. Um, and then you know, kind of let things puree. Okay, kind of break down a little bit more and then kind of go and then go higher and higher. Because you want like a super silky smooth correct you want like a very so we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna blend it for a little longer than then you would, then you think that you should. Okay.

Unknown Speaker  51:23  
So we're going to get a shark shark low showdown splash everywhere.

Unknown Speaker  51:28  

John Malanca  51:33  
If you want to do the same, we can just follow my lead. What are you gonna blend up? You already taken that next

Unknown Speaker  51:39  
step? are gone. I'm also gonna blend. Okay. I don't know if I should put you on mute. Okay, I think it'll be fine.

John Malanca  51:51  
It's just you're, you're blending it directly in the in the pan.

Unknown Speaker  51:56  
Yeah, so that's the beauty about these hand blenders. Is that okay? You don't have to there's no transparency. There's no you know, there's you don't have to use that step. Okay, just go directly into the pot. And, like, go

John Malanca  52:25  
please be careful because it is warm. If you're blending so you don't want any splashes on you. For anybody that's following us at home.

Unknown Speaker  52:33  
Yes. Yeah, be aware that we're everything is hot. So treat everything like it's hot.

Unknown Speaker  52:49  
So yeah, like I said, always start low and then from there kind of pick up the speed. So that way we can get a cohesive smooth puree and very silky sexy as we like to say.

John Malanca  53:05  
And so my my chai tea is is looks like it's bubbled up and it's warm. Perfect. And so yeah,

Unknown Speaker  53:12  
so we can you can turn the heat off and that gave it all all of that speak together for a little while it'll it'll be Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  53:19  

Unknown Speaker  53:20  
So I would say by the time we're done with the puree and our soup and or you know, we're done with our puree season it and played our soup you know, then we're good to go.

Unknown Speaker  53:30  

Unknown Speaker  53:56  
So I also got to say when you use the hand blender, it's nice to move the blender around the pot that way you can get you know all everything that you even got stuck onto the sides you can try to get it all blended up. Because all that is flavors you want you want all of that what do you what are you drinking there?

John Malanca  54:19  
I'm drinking nice Cabernet from California.

Unknown Speaker  54:23  
Oh wonderful. And

John Malanca  54:26  
I thought I'd go well for with with thanksgiving dinner and what I'm preparing as well. So

Unknown Speaker  54:31  

John Malanca  54:34  
So this

Unknown Speaker  54:35  
is why I got recently just grabbed this. This is well this is Austrian. I don't know if you had this

John Malanca  54:49  
close to the camera. I think the left and right apology pet PPP.

Unknown Speaker  54:56  

John Malanca  54:58  
It's an ostrich Austria in one.

Unknown Speaker  55:01  

Unknown Speaker  55:02  
I'm waiting.

Unknown Speaker  55:05  
I don't know how to pronounce the great variety, but it's a kneaders roas. Terrific. It is. Yeah, I don't think

John Malanca  55:15  
he does. Ross. I see the back there. Yes.

Unknown Speaker  55:17  
Yeah. It's delicious.

John Malanca  55:20  
Looks like a little Andy Warhol picture. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  55:25  

Unknown Speaker  55:27  
Yeah. Oh, actually, I'll have a glass review that we're not drinking alone.

Unknown Speaker  55:31  
I chose to

John Malanca  55:34  
do with that with the with the maple. are we adding that into the into the soup at the end? No. So

Unknown Speaker  55:39  
that the maple is actually just going to be a garnish on top? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  55:43  
so mine has not really solidified to jam yet. Like Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  55:47  
no. So um, it's actually we don't want it to solidify to jam necessarily wanted to have that. That maple syrup consistency. What's going to turn to jam is going to be um, I guess the once the onions like once the shallots cook down all the way. Yeah, that's going to be your jam essentially.

John Malanca  56:08  
Gotcha. Okay. I'm following you. So I'm Shaolin clean, clean as I go with, with all of that, I'm sorry. I shot I'm one of those chefs that clean as I go. Are you are young chefs as well? Absolutely. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  56:24  
Yeah. So ya know, we try to we try to Yeah, between eight and I, we, we're, we're good at tag teaming and cleaning up, you know, as we go, especially when we're doing our on site services. Yeah. Yeah, we're, we're, we're a dynamic duo. I gotta say. So.

John Malanca  56:43  
So with laws changing here in the US when it comes to cannabis. What made you get into this? Had you had you always cook cooked with cannabis as as a main ingredient?

Unknown Speaker  56:59  
Well, not always as a main ingredient. Um, I think just in college, I went to Johnson and Wales and I guess the, the group of guys that, you know, I live with, we always, you know, smoked cannabis and enjoyed it and always wanted to cook with it. And, you know, we always made ice cream, we always made treats and things like that. And that was something we, you know, we did for fun. But it wasn't until, you know, moving to Massachusetts and kind of seeing the laws change and kind of putting, you know, kind of like reigniting that passion, or that, you know, that fun that we had when we were in college making edibles? Yeah, I'm kind of like, you know, now, with everything that I've learned in the content industry, and kind of bringing that bringing the knowledge and the skill in using the ingredient, but like, using it in a way that, you know, maybe hasn't been done before, or, um, you know, is unique in some perspective. So yeah, I think it's pretty much a new or new trail that we're trying to blaze. So

John Malanca  58:04  
yeah, when you when you cook with cook with cannabis, actually, this is the first time I have cooked I made brown and I made brownies when I was in college as well. But I've never cooked with it. And so is it the same thing when you're cooking with it, like with an edible, where it could take, you know, an hour for something to kick in, and just every course that you're making have minute amount of of dosage in there. I mean, how I mean, I see these shows that, you know, advice and stuff like that, where they're writing, culinary. And I'm thinking, God, they must be just totally baked at the end and not able to even function is that I mean, how do you do that? Because that that I've never really understood.

Unknown Speaker  58:47  
So basically, our mission is to make sure that you're not out of a vegetative state by the end of our dinner. Yeah, um, the doses do progress, but we we try to get it you know, when when we sit down with folks and, you know, curate and plan their, their dinner, we try to get a really good understanding for what their capacity is, as far as you know, how they consume cannabis. How often do they consume edibles? How often do they you know, smoke? You know, do they like, bonds, joints, blunts, because all of that information kind of, lets us know, alright, these folks want to be you know, they either want to get a high dose dinner or kind of a moderate dose, low dose and just, you know, feel good and have fun. Okay, um, so yeah, we try to do that we try to, you know, talk to them and engage that and, you know, try to understand what they want and we don't want to we don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Yeah. Yeah.

John Malanca  59:54  
Good. So So with that, are you generally using cannabis infused Butter olive oil or using the actually the grinding the bunch up and sprinkling the budget on as well Are these all different ways all the

Unknown Speaker  1:00:07  
above all gone. So yeah, I like to make olive oil, I'm a kind of like a blended oil, that it's like vegetable oil and olive oil and a little bit of corn oil. Um, so it's all blended together. But our views that I like using that because it has a, it makes like a highest no point so I can actually like see or something with it. Okay, um, um, but yeah, olive oil, for sure. Um, coconut oil, grapeseed oil. Um, we like to make tinctures, um, with grain alcohol. So you know, making like an RSO, or Rick Simpson oil. with green alcohol. I'm kind of like, you know, letting that reduce down to like a syrup consistency. And you know, a little bit of that goes a long way. And that is actually been a really good way for us to be able to do what we do. And kind of mask the flavors of cannabis a little bit. Um, but often I'll make like, you know, I have like, all decarb or decarboxylated cannabis and, and make like a salt seasoning rub or something like that, and maybe add that as a finishing. So it's already Deckard cannabis. So when you ingest it, it's already activated, but you know, you get a taste. You know, maybe, if it had like a high terpene profile in it goes well, with what I want you to taste it maybe like with a crude oil or something like that. Um, you know, we like to kind of, pare it that way. I recently made like a, a citrus salts, I basically just took possessed of lemons and lines and dry them out. And kind of let them be hydrated for a little bit. And then blended that with salt. And it took the carp cannabis and kind of finally grounded into that, and, you know, blended it all together and use that as a seasoning for a a scallop dish that we did recently. Um, so yeah, you know, using it.

Unknown Speaker  1:02:19  
Use a scallop dish.

Unknown Speaker  1:02:21  
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So we, we did a seared scallop. Yeah. Um, and then I made a, I made a strawberry vinegar over the summer. So I use the strawberry vinegar to kind of like, season the scalp a little bit. See if the scallops off. And then season that with the citrus, the cannabis citrus salt. And it was just like this. Exposure to flavor also paired it with a lacto, fermented green tomatoes that we grew on our fire escape. So are you

John Malanca  1:02:55  
using all square footage? Maybe we'll do one down the way because I do get a lot of requests about people asking, How do I infuse cannabis and make it into cannabis? olive oil or butter? And so maybe we can do do another show about that? Is it? Yeah, easy.

Unknown Speaker  1:03:15  
Yeah, I mean, process. It is pretty easy. Um, it's just a, you know, kind of like a waiting process, a long process. But, um, you know, there are tools out there that, you know, make it very easy for folks. Um, there's one that we can talk about. It's actually from Massachusetts. It's called the Arctic. Arctic machine, more Arctic diffuser. So yeah, folks can actually find them on Instagram or online. Um, so it's spelled AR D EMT? I think. Um, and, yeah, so their product is great. We actually haven't used their product, but we've heard really, really good things about it. Yeah. So actually, maybe we can, you know, talk to them, and we can get something going use their product, maybe show maybe next year? Oh,

John Malanca  1:04:02  
yeah. They'll donate a couple of those products for us. So yeah.

Unknown Speaker  1:04:09  
And the best part is they are local. They're Massachusetts, women owned, you know, local small business.

John Malanca  1:04:16  
So yeah, even. So at your what's your next step here, so I have the the soup blended in it sugar puree.

Unknown Speaker  1:04:27  
All right. Um, so I guess at this point, I would taste it to make sure that the seasoning is there. As far as like, the salt. Um, and you know, you can season it with a little bit more black pepper if you want or more of the curry powder on, you know, basically whatever you want to do. And you want you also want to taste it to make sure that the texture is where you want it. Um, if it's still a little stringy, then you want to puree it a little bit more, but it really you know, really good Depends on how you want to serve it. Personally, I like to serve things. Whenever I'm making a pureed soup. I like to really get it super smooth to the point where it's like, like silk. Oh man. Delicious. Yeah. Awesome.

John Malanca  1:05:16  
To me, to me, it's perfect. I'm just like a server and go type of thing.

Unknown Speaker  1:05:24  
Yeah. So now that it's pureed, I'm curious. I'm gonna do mine a little bit more texture that I want, but I'll clean it and show you all what it should look like.

John Malanca  1:05:37  
Wow. Delicious.

Unknown Speaker  1:05:42  

John Malanca  1:05:56  
Is that the maple syrup? Okay.

Unknown Speaker  1:06:12  
He's got we've got some times. Gotcha.

Unknown Speaker  1:06:22  
Yeah, so, you know, you can take your favorite bowl of that. Yeah.

John Malanca  1:06:30  
Yeah, that's gonna be pretty sure, huh?

Unknown Speaker  1:06:33  
It just served.

Unknown Speaker  1:06:34  

Unknown Speaker  1:06:38  
So you'll see that it's, you know, pretty thick.

Unknown Speaker  1:06:41  
Actually, where I love it.

Unknown Speaker  1:06:43  
Yeah, so you know, you can if you wanted to serve more people and have it go a little longer. You could you know, a little bit more with some more vegetable stock and some more cream.

John Malanca  1:06:56  
So is this where you guys now? Put the pumpkin seeds on top?

Unknown Speaker  1:07:02  
Yeah, so you can you know, lay the pumpkin seeds however you want. Um, some of the maple agrodolce and then be

John Malanca  1:07:10  
missing a little garnish. What am I missing? Are you putting something on there to make a little green? I didn't have the chives. Like, like you mentioned Anna.

Unknown Speaker  1:07:18  
Yeah, that's just

Unknown Speaker  1:07:20  
yeah, so I last minute good, guys, um, something we always keep. As far as like, you know? Gotcha. But yeah, you can use you can use whatever herbs you have. Okay, fridge use parsley you can use based on? I do like

John Malanca  1:07:34  
a little color on that. You know, and

Unknown Speaker  1:07:38  
Missy here.

Unknown Speaker  1:07:44  
Yeah, Italy. Anything Goes?

John Malanca  1:07:48  
Anything goes. Hmm. Anything Goes anyway. Where would you do it in?

Unknown Speaker  1:07:53  
Yes. Yeah. So

John Malanca  1:07:54  
do you sprinkle a little oil on top? A little olive oil there as well?

Unknown Speaker  1:08:00  
Yeah. So I go with my infused oil with a little bit of infused oil. So that's my olive oil. Okay. And then

John Malanca  1:08:16  
I don't think I need pepper. But I'm, you know, just for ya know, you can color

Unknown Speaker  1:08:20  
really do that with really whatever you want. Um, I like to keep my paper agrodolce and a squeeze bottle. So it's a little easier

John Malanca  1:08:26  
to handle but I'm using I'm using a little sprinkle of what I'm making that the Lj to put on top of this. Correct? Correct.

Unknown Speaker  1:08:35  
Yeah, so just just the liquid from the agrodolce.

John Malanca  1:08:39  
Okay, so I'm gonna, for our guests at home, which are following this, please, please be careful.

Unknown Speaker  1:08:48  
That Yes, it's gonna be very hot. So, ideally, what you want to do, um, yeah, so you know exactly what you're doing. You know, just gently, you know, Port over and kind of as much as you want as little as you want.

John Malanca  1:09:05  
But just to liquid minus, minus the show, I'm just doing, you know, for Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  1:09:12  
To be quite honest, you can you can put it on and then, um, I was just saying that if you don't want to, you know, put that if you reserve you know, whatever is cooked in then you can use that later on, on other things. And it's a really good condiment on different things beautiful. And then um, for the folks at home, I have my own chili oil. So if you have chili oil, or you know, some kind of hot sauce or something like that, we like the little space so we like to use chili oil or something like that. So I'll put that a little bit of that on as well. A little Caribbean in Yeah, yeah, exactly. I got I got to have a little space.

Unknown Speaker  1:09:55  
thing good.

Unknown Speaker  1:09:55  
Did we talk about the the chrome fresh. You

Unknown Speaker  1:09:59  
know what we Did it but go for it. Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker  1:10:02  
prep fresh, um, it's basically just basically like yogurt or sour cream essentially. Um, so with this cream fresh what I did was I took so this one's a special one that I made I made a preserved lemon cream fresh. But if you don't have preserved lemons at home, you can just take half you can just take some lemon juice and some lemon zest, some sour cream.

John Malanca  1:10:31  
I was at my grocery store today and you know, they didn't have that crap fresh but I do have the sour cream.

Unknown Speaker  1:10:38  
Yeah, so he works just as well. Um, a little bit of olive oil in there. Yeah, and mix it all up. Um, if it's if it's too thin, maybe add a little bit more cream fresh always start with like a cup or something like that. Um, and then kind of go from there.

John Malanca  1:10:56  
And I'm going to do a little headstart in front of you here. I have my little try. mocktail. Yeah.

Is there any garnish in the mocktail? Or is it just adding your CBD tincture?

Unknown Speaker  1:11:27  
You can add your CBD tincture as well as maybe garnish with a

John Malanca  1:11:35  
a cinnamon stick if you have you know I don't have to shake but I do I did put the thing in there. The cinnamon powder

Unknown Speaker  1:11:44  
yeah maybe a little bit of cinnamon powder on top or some or some cocoa powder on top.

John Malanca  1:11:50  
And so for our listeners that have been united patients group followers for some time excuse me for some time I'm using my favorite CBD which is Aspen green and you can go to our website and take a look at that it united pace group calm and go to the Aspen greenlink they are giving our followers 20% off discount but CBD of your choice. This is what I use is USDA certified organic hemp and so and again Egor if you don't have this I'll send you I'll show you and Anna Anna Shamir have them send you some of this product. It's Yeah, that'd be great.

Unknown Speaker  1:12:29  
Okay, great. Now we're actually using a really close friend of ours. Hammond flowered from out in Colorado, what you call happen flower.

John Malanca  1:12:38  
Heaven flower. Cool.

Unknown Speaker  1:12:39  
Cool. Yeah. Um, but yeah, we would love to Yeah.

John Malanca  1:12:44  
I'll have them, have them send it. And so for our followers that have not experienced Aspen green, please take a look at like I said on our website, they're giving a coupon code up g CBD for 20% off. And then what Edgar's using one of his favorites. Hampton flowers, what you're mentioning as well. So you're saying Edgar, I shook it up, and I'm just putting it directly into the bottle, correct?

Unknown Speaker  1:13:12  
Yes. And then just you know, give it a little stir and enjoy.

John Malanca  1:13:20  
So what do you recommend me doing first the suit? Or the or the mocktail?

Unknown Speaker  1:13:27  
I would? Try the Moto. Have you tried it yet?

John Malanca  1:13:29  
I haven't tried to mocktail just a little more. Okay. I guess because it's been shimmery.

Unknown Speaker  1:13:36  
Right. So yeah, so you can either serve it. Wow.

Unknown Speaker  1:13:41  
We also put

John Malanca  1:13:42  
delicious. I mean,

Unknown Speaker  1:13:44  
yeah. So, um, you know, if you want to if you think it's not sweet enough, we actually put our own medicated honey in it as well. Um, you know, do some more maple syrup. Yeah. So this is what are super put

John Malanca  1:14:05  
in here. I'll give you a shot of mine.

Unknown Speaker  1:14:11  
Perfect. That looks great. Oh, yeah.

John Malanca  1:14:15  
I told you I'm I'm, I'm a good student. I'm I'm the home chef. Like you are home chef taking lessons from you guys. So

Unknown Speaker  1:14:23  
yeah, you got to get a bite there with all with everything in there.

Unknown Speaker  1:14:27  
So here we go. First bite.

Unknown Speaker  1:14:29  
All right. All right.

Unknown Speaker  1:14:30  
You want to grab some spoons? I've got some spoon.

John Malanca  1:14:32  
Wow. How is it? Delicious, really delicious. And I'm not just saying that it's actually delicious.

Unknown Speaker  1:14:42  
That's awesome.

John Malanca  1:14:43  
I love butternut squash. I love when you guys out of all the recipes that you guys could have chosen. You just say hey, we decided to you know after brainstorming we're going to go with this. I was like, Oh, you're speaking my language.

Unknown Speaker  1:14:57  
Oh nice. Huh?

John Malanca  1:15:00  
In the pumpkin she's really got a nice flavor to it as well

Unknown Speaker  1:15:04  
yeah wow the maple agrodolce is like

Unknown Speaker  1:15:09  
yeah do you get them maybe they don't change at all Hmm

John Malanca  1:15:16  
This is the best part oh yeah there you go funny

Unknown Speaker  1:15:25  
yeah we got some to

Unknown Speaker  1:15:28  
perfect rip away and indeed Ribbon

Unknown Speaker  1:15:31  

John Malanca  1:15:35  
huh keep going here while guys not you're saying that this is delicious Holy Moly up chills Is that good?

Unknown Speaker  1:15:43  
Oh god I'm so glad

John Malanca  1:15:45  
I'm seriously. I'm a fan of Andrew Zimmern. Of course, it was in Miss Brown. And I've only seen and I'm only seeing Andrews Andrews ever spit up two items in his life. One was horchata, which is normally sweet. But he had it down in South America. Nico, this is the original horchata he goes, I can't drink it. I can't do it. The other one was over and in, I think in Taiwan or Hong Kong, and he was having he was having fermented tofu. I

Unknown Speaker  1:16:21  
can't do it. I can't do it.

John Malanca  1:16:26  
You know, but this is absolutely delicious. And I can't thank you guys enough. Hmm.

Unknown Speaker  1:16:33  
Thank you for

John Malanca  1:16:37  
coming on and sharing your passion for cooking, sharing your knowledge, but your love for each other. And making this a great Thanksgiving. And I cannot thank you both enough for coming on. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  1:16:54  
thank you for having us. We have a lot of fun.

Unknown Speaker  1:17:00  
And in

John Malanca  1:17:03  
Massachusetts, with dope dinners, you can find them on dope dinners. Boston on Instagram, and your website guys is a dope or what is it?

Unknown Speaker  1:17:14  
Well, we're actually we're currently building it. So

Unknown Speaker  1:17:16  
yeah, so you can find us on Instagram and then we've got an email dope dinners. [email protected] So you can choose an email, ask us any questions you've got?

John Malanca  1:17:27  
It's fantastic. And we'd love to have you back on let's make this a regular thing. Absolutely. You know, and it because the topic comes up, how can I cook with this? I should, you know, I really know nothing about cooking with cannabis. And so for you guys to come on and, and share your knowledge and passion as I mentioned, I so appreciate it because it is absolutely delicious. And I will put the menu down the recipe down for everyone to follow as well. And as you saw, this was step by step, the only portion that I stopped was waiting 45 minutes as I did a pre pre pre cooked or baked to say the vegetables other than that we've done everything

Unknown Speaker  1:18:08  
in real time. And yeah, I'm gonna take another bite before we take off.

Unknown Speaker  1:18:14  
All right,

John Malanca  1:18:16  
but delicious. All right, and then enter dope dinners Boston, you can find him on Instagram. And if you have any questions there they would love to to share their menu with them or share the recipes with you have you please have them over for dinner? I think I should you guys do take out in the Boston area. But when you know we all get back to normal hopefully this isn't our new normal you know, you'll have Edgar Anna over your house cook preparing for you. private parties, weddings, whatever. But I thank you and I wish everybody a warm and happy Thanksgiving. I'm so grateful to be with family maybe we've turned into a zoom society where everyone I know this is going to happen in the Malanca family you know we didn't have our first having our big Malanca celebration and so it can be a smaller one this year, but I'll definitely share share this recipe with the family and God bless you both and thank you so much and I appreciate you coming on the show. Right everybody

Unknown Speaker  1:19:22  
happy wreck ever happier giving and

Unknown Speaker  1:19:26  
enjoy and we'll see you soon. Everybody

Unknown Speaker  1:19:28  
right cheers.

Unknown Speaker  1:19:31  
Cheers to you. So shoo, shoo. Bye bye

Unknown Speaker  1:19:35