Be Informed. Be Well. With John Malanca

Sex, Pleasure, Pain & Cannabis with Gynecologist Dr. Becky Lynn

December 01, 2020 John Malanca Season 1 Episode 26
Be Informed. Be Well. With John Malanca
Sex, Pleasure, Pain & Cannabis with Gynecologist Dr. Becky Lynn
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John Malanca interviews Dr. Becky Lynn who specializes in gynecology and has one of the few practices in the country which includes cannabis therapeutics to address sexual dysfunction. Dr. Lynn is well versed in all aspects of women’s health including treatment of painful conditions as well as improving sexual function.

Sex and cannabis is the combination of two taboo subjects simply due to stigma, embarrassment, and the federal status of Cannabis. In this discussion of sex, sexual problems and women’s health, John and Dr. Lynn take the embarrassment and hesitation out of the real dilemma faced by many women and couples. Some of the more distressing issues include the destruction of self- confidence, feelings of loss of sexual function, which includes painful conditions, that may result in the deterioration of relationships. She also discusses the impact of hormonal and physical changes women experience at various times during their reproductive years.
 Watch this engaging, warm and informative podcast during which John and Dr. Lynn discuss real problems such as painful sex and pelvic floor disorders, loss of libido, lack of lubrication along with endometriosis and other health issues. She also explains endocannabinoid system function, CBD for pain relief, safe and consensual sex, partner involvement, and her personal brand of lubricant, Evora, St. Louis. You may reach Dr. Lynn at 

You can find Dr. Becky Lynn at:

John Malanca 0:01
 And we’re back. Everybody, John Malanca united patients group be informed. be well. here’s another topic we talked about sex a few weeks ago. And for some reason it’s a hush hush topic and people get embarrassed. Even I get embarrassed talking about it sometimes So, but this top is going to be learn how you can enhance your sex life naturally by using hemp and CBD for both men and women. Get all the facts, including dosage frequency, and when to use it safely, as well as effectively. So better sex, heightening pleasure and reducing plant pain. Excuse me. And I’d like to introduce you to our next presenter, Dr. Becky, I always say cough and I know that your middle name but Dr. Becky Lynn. Hey, Becky, how are you doing?

Dr. Becky Lynn 0:43
 Good. Thank you for having me. Thank you for talking about this stuff.

John Malanca 0:47
 Yeah. Well, thanks for thanks for being on here too. And, and let me read your impression bio. First off, so Dr. Becky Lynn, I’ll say Dr. Becky Dr. Becky Linda is a director of vor center of menopause and sexual health. She’s a Board Certified gynecologist and trained sexual counselor and menopause provider. She is also an adjunct Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at St. Louis University School of Medicine. Dr. Lin is a world renowned expert in Sexual Medicine and menopause. She’s frequent. She’s a frequent invited speaker on women’s sexual health, and appeared regularly on numerous podcasts, television shows, radio shows as well as imprint known for her patient partner education YouTube channel, which everyone should check out. And a research on the effects of cannabis on sexual experience. She’s been featured in more magazines, self magazine, as well as Martha Stewart Living so Whoo, all in one breath. This is a topic. So do you have? Are you ever embarrassed talking about this? Or do your patients come in or they know you’re used to it? It’s just like,

Dr. Becky Lynn 1:52
 I’ve been talking about, you know, I’m a gynecologist. So I’ve been talking about that for years. So it really doesn’t faze me at all. But I will say, you know, some of my patients have no problems talking about sex. Other patients can’t get the word out. Yeah. And I have to say the word for them. So it definitely varies

John Malanca 2:12
 in and you have two sons, right? I know you have

Dr. Becky Lynn 2:16
 one daughter and one son.

John Malanca 2:18
 And so you are the Not only is nothing everything is open from from cannabis.

Dr. Becky Lynn 2:26
 They get embarrassed when I talk about what I do. But um, I think it’s good because they get good education from a reliable source about sex rather than, you know, learning everything from their friends or from the internet. So yeah, it is.

John Malanca 2:41
 I don’t know why No, I mean, I come from a very open family. We talked about everything, but you still have that. I mean, you know, I don’t think I would ever have my conversation, my mom like that. So I applaud you, I think is really important and healthy. And I bet when they get older, they’ll realize how cool their cool their mom is. To have this to have this topic as well. So can you tell me a little bit about your practice? I know you’re in Missouri. Can you talk about your practice how you got involved in that space of gynecology, but also in including cannabis into your practice?

Dr. Becky Lynn 3:15
 Sure. So um, yeah, I’m in St. Louis. I I run Evora, where I specialize in menopause and sexual health. I just opened Evora in February. And before that I was full time faculty at St. Louis University. Now I’m adjunct faculty there. But the way that I got into the space, I think it’s kind of funny in a funny story, how this all happened, because I never set out in my life to be the marijuana sex doctor. Like that just wasn’t on my list of what do you want to do when you grow up? So, but what I when I was at St. Louis University, I was seeing many, many women with sexual problems like low libido, painful sex, orgasm, difficulties, things like that. And I noticed that I would get women who they’d come to me and say, Well, you know, I have low libido. But when I smoke weed, it’s great. Or I can’t orgasm. But when I use marijuana, I can. And I think, you know, many women were embarrassed to say that because recreational marijuana is illegal in Missouri. And at that time, medical marijuana was illegal. Also, it’s legal now in Missouri. But it sort of opened the door. And I thought to myself, is there any data to support that? Are there any published research studies? And so I went to the medical literature, and I looked, and there’s really at that time, especially not much in the way of studies that have to do with sex and marijuana, except for Rhett sex and mating activities and hamster sex and all that that’s where the data was. There were a couple questionnaires, but I mean, really not not much in the way of human studies because it’s been illegal. So what we designed at St. Louis University was a questionnaire looking at women’s perceptions of sex when they use marijuana before sex. So we looked at several different domains of sexual function, we looked at overall sexual satisfaction, libido, orgasm, pain and lubrication. And we found that the majority of women reported better overall satisfaction, better orgasm, less pain, and really no change in lubrication and improved libido. And then we also found that people who used marijuana and before sex and use marijuana more frequently, were more likely to report better orgasms in there, they were twice as likely to report better orgasms in general not related to marijuana use before sex. So, um, it I mean, I’m really glad I looked into that, because I also had gone to the internet before I did that study. And there’s all sorts of data on the internet. And so I in my mind, it answered a good question. And, you know, now the doors are opening for research. And I think that’s fantastic. You know,

John Malanca 6:13
 I think, as I mentioned, the beginning, you know, the taboo of talking about sex, I don’t know why. As well as taboo talking about cannabis. And so you’re in a practice where I think the conversation and opening the doors as you’re mentioning, especially in a state, Missouri missourah, who’s I don’t say behind, but you know, you have California where you’re from, has been with me, yes. 1996. And so I have a lot of followers, a lot of patients that call us on a regular basis, you know, and they said, Is it is it? Am I can I get trouble at having a conversation? Yes. And no, please, I don’t want you to be in, you know, so for our listeners, it’s not even if it’s illegal in your state, it’s not illegal to ask a question. And so you know, so be open, if your doctor is not open to this, ask their doctor vegan if he or she can give you a referral? If not. Do you see anybody Becky? I mean, do you work a patient outside of Missouri? I mean, can they call you? Well,

Dr. Becky Lynn 7:14
 so they can call me and I can talk about marijuana? I can’t prescribe or see them as a patient outside of Missouri. Because I have a license to practice medicine only in misery

John Malanca 7:26
 and misery. Okay. It’s so with cannabis. When you’re set, you’re seeing all this success? Is it because it’s lowering? You know, the stress level? Or opening them up? Is this what you’re seeing in your practice? Or the studies that you’ve researched on?

Dr. Becky Lynn 7:43
 Yeah, so we don’t know. 100%? Why it seems to help. And and also, I want to point out, it does. It’s not doesn’t work for everybody. You know, there’s, you know, some people will get paranoid or some people if you smoke too much marijuana and you can’t move that’s not good for your sex life. So I just want to preface that. But now I forgot the question. What did you just ask

John Malanca 8:06
 me know? Probably, with your research research and what you’re seeing, you know, the patient opening up and being more relaxed to have Oh, I bet a better experience.

Dr. Becky Lynn 8:18
 Yeah. So there are a couple theories as to why this happens. Definitely, it can lower anxiety. So if you’re in a situation where you’re a little nervous, you know, it’s a little anxiety provoking, it can help that way, then marijuana enhances sensation, so whatever, you know, taste, smell, touch, all of those seem bigger to some people on marijuana, and then marijuana can slow the perception of time. So I think that’s why that why why people respond to it in terms of sexuality.

John Malanca 8:56
 You know, we always talk about the positive stuff in the pros. Are there any cons? I know, you mentioned about anxiety being passed out? We don’t want anybody to there. And can you talk about that, please? Yeah,

Dr. Becky Lynn 9:07
 there’s I mean, any any drug, there’s always going to be benefits, risks and side effects. If anybody tells you this drug doesn’t have any side effects. That’s a big lie. Um, but yeah, so, you know, like I mentioned, not everybody responds to marijuana the same way some people they don’t like how they feel or feel like they can’t breathe or they’re paranoid, you can definitely smoke too much marijuana. And the other thing is, you really have to be careful of the situation that you’re in. So, you know, I would never say, Oh, I don’t I don’t know this person very well. I’ve never been with them before. I’m just going to smoke marijuana because like you can get yourself in a bad situation. I think we talked about this last time we talked about consent. And so you really and you also don’t know how you’ll respond. So the other thing that I recommend for for people who want to try Marijuana to see if it enhances the sexual experience is tried in a safe place. Maybe try it by yourself and see how you do before you bring it to somewhere else where it’s a little more complicated.

John Malanca 10:13
 And and it’s not a one size fits all and less is more. And so I like you, you’re saying Do you do your little dry runs so to speak on a before you have your, your, your date or even have the communication with your partner? I know you’re in gynecology so you do you ever have the their partner in if it’s a female male partnership?

Dr. Becky Lynn 10:36
 Yes. So I and I have partners in female, male female? Yes, um, I think it’s really important because you know, apart from the marijuana side, I see a lot of people with sexual problems in general. And you can get so much more information, sometimes when the partners there so partners are always welcome. I just think it really helps me help them.

John Malanca 11:03
 In repeat that you start, you broke up in that last part. I’m sorry,

Dr. Becky Lynn 11:07
 it so having the partner there helps me help them?

John Malanca 11:11

Dr. Becky Lynn 11:12
 yes. Really important. And, and I also do some couples counseling. So as a sexual counselor, it’s when I when I sort of changed my hat and become more of the sex counselor instead of a gynecologist, then I have skills that I can tell them both that can help enhance their sex life,

John Malanca 11:31
 are any of your patients that are coming in with that when you become the the sex counselor coming from a trauma in their life, if it’s something as awful, as is rape or molestation or not feeling that they’re good enough to their partner, I mean, it’s just something you work with as well.

Dr. Becky Lynn 11:54
 So that is definitely beyond the scope of my practice. So if it really have sexual trauma that is contributing or just sexual trauma, I will refer them on to somebody who’s really specialized in that area. And I do that fairly often. Because as you can imagine, people who’ve had sexual trauma, it will affect their sex life. Yeah, going forward. So I do refer them because I’m not a psychologist. Okay. Yeah. Okay.

John Malanca 12:22
 Gotcha. Um, well, you were you. You’ve been impressive so far without your hats. I didn’t know if you get through that. Yeah. endometriosis, I know we’re, this is the better sex heightening pleasure and reducing pain on the reducing pain portion. A buddy of mine that’s been you know, we’ve known each other since sixth grade. his daughter’s going through Dimitrios so he calls me up. He’s over in East Coast. He says, he’s just like, Help. Help. What do I do? His wife passed away and so now he has a teenager at home. And he’s trying to be mom, dad, everything and Can you can you share any of your your knowledge on that?

Dr. Becky Lynn 13:03
 Yeah. So I see many women with endometriosis. And basically what endometriosis is, it’s where the endometrium which is the lining of the uterus that you shed each month when you have a period that lining can be in the abdomen and pelvis and implant on other organs like bowel like bladder like ovaries pelvic sidewall, and it causes a local inflammation, which causes a lot of pain and so people with endo can be in horrible, horrible, horrible pain. And so, there’s a variety of things you do for endo before you would ever consider marijuana especially in a 16 year old. I wouldn’t I wouldn’t do marijuana and 16 year old. But it’s very important to see somebody who specialized in endometriosis, they’re there. There’s a fellowship for MiGs, which is minimally invasive gynecologic surgery, which she might want to consider. And like I said, I’ll look into that. But where they go in and surgically through a laparoscope, so little incisions, remove the endometriosis. And it can make somebody feel so much better. But there’s a variety of other things you can do to help it but but yeah, and oh, and when it comes to endo, yeah, some women will develop chronic pelvic pain really, really bad and then they can develop pain with sex, or pelvic floor muscle spasm, that which then all this chronic pain leads to depression and anxiety and it’s just this like downward spiral. So it’s, it’s definitely a significant thing and where marijuana comes into that is that the reproductive tract, the uterus, the tubes, the ovaries, the cervix of vagina is chock full of cannabinoid receptors. So, marijuana binds to a lot of those receptors in the brain. productive tract. And so you might say, Well, why are they there? That doesn’t make sense. But we have our own cannabinoids, which we call endo cannabinoids that our body makes. And they play a role in menstruation and fertility. They I mean, they do a lot in the reproductive tract. But where there’s interest, as far as endo goes, is using marijuana to treat chronic pelvic pain. And so I’m I’m so looking forward to see the studies that come out since it’s the doors are opening to see how to see if it truly works with good high quality studies to help with pelvic pain. Anecdotally, I’ve seen it work.

John Malanca 15:44
 Are you seeing what can you two things? One before I forget? Can you talk about the receptors down there, please? I think a lot of people, even me don’t realize that there are receptors there and are the rich chapters in the male and the male reproductive reproductive organs as well.

Dr. Becky Lynn 16:01
 Yeah, so being a gynecologist, I actually don’t know for sure. But I would guess that’s a yes, because we all start out the same. And then we kind of differentiate. But I haven’t looked at the data myself. By receptor is basically it’s like a lock and key mechanism to get to send a cellular message. So you have like, the lock, and then you have the key. So the lock is the receptor. And then the key is some little molecule like marijuana or your own endocannabinoids comes along and goes, you know, goes into the lock. And it makes that the cell that the lock is on, do something different, or maybe sends a message to, you know, raise a hormone level or something like that, so, but the endocannabinoid system, in general, is thought to be responsible for homeostasis. So what that is, hopefully, I’m not losing the listeners know, if is balance. So it’s kind of like, let’s say you’re, you know, sitting outside in the heat, your body wants to be a certain temperature, but you’re getting hot. And so there’s, you know, things in your system that tell yourselves and your blood vessels to dilate and release heat, so maybe your face gets flushed in your sweat. So because you’re trying to cool down you’re trying to stay at that homeostasis, you want like a, that’s why we don’t live at 107 and then we’re 98.6 because there are these mechanisms that get us back to balance. The other place where you can see that especially in the CBD marijuana world is seizures. So you know, our nerves are in a relaxed state, but then nerves fire right to send a message somewhere. But some people have seizures where the nerves are firing, firing, firing and marijuana and sequel CBD especially like in children can can control those seizures preventing them from happening, because it’s trying to bring everything back in balance.

John Malanca 18:08
 You mentioned the body temperature did I dream this year? Just recently like in the last week? Yeah, our core body temperature has changed over the years are what what normal is did I did I hear that or read it somewhere? I don’t think

Dr. Becky Lynn 18:22
 you’re making that up. I think that I heard something like that too. But I heard that we’ve been wrong all along. We’re really 98.6 I think I I thought I heard that we’re a little lower something like that.

John Malanca 18:37
 Me I was thinking about But yeah, I think just in the last four or five days I thought I thought I came across that to you you mentioned so again, homeostasis, bringing the whole body back to balance and great descriptions By the way, so no, you’re not losing anybody. I it’s very informative and I’m a visual guy. So the the lock and key was was great as well. Um, with your patients, are you recommending ingestion via smoking inhalation or tinctures or topicals down there for pain relief. In the UK, he talks about hiding pleasures and part of lubrication does is a patient if they are using a lubrication can the patient get high?

Dr. Becky Lynn 19:27
 Um, so Okay, so there was a lot of questions.

John Malanca 19:30
 So let’s go with let’s go with when you recommend is it inhalation via tincture smoking droppers or or lubrication?

Dr. Becky Lynn 19:39
 So vaping is probably the safe way. safest way to inhale it. Because if you smoke, it says such high temperatures there are toxins just like smoking cigarettes so you get those toxins there. tinctures are good too, because there’s no toxin there. You’re not hurting your lungs and it’s pretty direct mechanism, right to the bloodstream. And both of those have a quicker effect than edibles. The problem with edibles is you don’t know when it’s going to hit you. So you have a little bit less control over it if you’re using it for sex. Okay, um, but as far as health goes, then yeah, the vape or tinctures pictured?

John Malanca 20:24
 Can you use a tincture? That has like an MCT oil MCT oil base as lubricant? That’s paper. Would you kind of stay away from something like that?

Dr. Becky Lynn 20:35
 Well, I so okay, what is MCT? Excuse

John Malanca 20:37
 me. MCT is like coconut oil that a lot of Oh,

Dr. Becky Lynn 20:41
 oh, yeah. Coconut oil is great. So here’s a good point about well, can you use it as a lubricant? Yeah, so there I’ve not seen any published studies like in medical journals that looked at using like a CBD lube or a marijuana lube or one to one ratio, and it looks at the blood levels. So we don’t know how much it’s absorbed. We definitely we just don’t know how much is absorbed. So, you know, but I know that there are a lot of products that are suppositories, lubricants, tampons, you know, things, things where people are using it, but we just don’t have good information as to how much is absorbed and what affects how much is absorbed.

John Malanca 21:26
 It’s funny because we did an article Gosh, years ago critten. I wrote an article about suppositories for rectally is the post here your superiors that we entitled this article? And we had Blimey we we caused world war three from patients saying yes, it works. Some doctors saying yes, it worked other doctors saying impossible. So everyone, I finally got back wasn’t trying to start a major work. But sometimes, you know, if something works, maybe a placebo for a patient that and it’s safe, continue on, you know their thing. When I say they’re the people that said impossible. You know, back in the days, you would say 60s, you know, people were putting me I shouldn’t say even for even for children doing asking young young parents, parents and young children sometimes put an aspirin rectally is that

Dr. Becky Lynn 22:25
 did that still happen? I wouldn’t do that. Because little kids shouldn’t have aspirin. But there are drugs that we use regularly.

John Malanca 22:31
 So that bad, bad example. But they’re saying that if you put cannabis directly or cannabis via vagina, that the patient not feeling anything is is not absorbed, absorbed. Is that true? Or what do you what do you see? I

Dr. Becky Lynn 22:54
 don’t know if it worked or not? Yeah, I don’t know. But there are medicines that we use rectally, because there’s a lot of blood vessels down there. So it’s sort of direct absorption into the blood vessels.

John Malanca 23:06
 With all these different types of products are out there, and you’re in Missouri, are there. Is there something that you have your patient look out for? I mean, I know what we put our list of, you know, things to ask what questions what what you’re putting in your body, I think everybody should always see if it’s a tested product is certified, certified, exactly USDA certified. I’m a fan of some of these hemp products that are out there right now that you and I have worked with before. You know, can you give me a little walkthrough of what you would do with your age. And again, for our listener, this is not to replace a one on one with your gynecologist or your medical professional. This is for information, educational purposes. And thank you, Becky, for doing that you by the way.

Dr. Becky Lynn 23:55
 Sure. So um, yeah, so you have to be careful when you buy CBD in general, because I think, you know, the FDA did a study where they looked at different products and what the products that they had in it was sometimes not what was actually in it. Some CBD products not marijuana, others had CBD, others had nothing. So you do want to go with a certified place where it’s been tested, and it’s some it’s not really regulated per se, but it’s more regulated. And so what I’ve done in my office is I have chosen a couple companies who make CBD and CBD lube that I know and trust and and I sell them in my office. And I think that’s better than going on the internet and you know, picking the one with the prettiest marketing definitely happens. Um, when it comes to marijuana. So medical marijuana the dispensaries have just opened in Missouri like within the last month and I there’s one that I know But I know the people who run it and they’ve been, they’ve been they’ve had dispensaries and cultivation and all sorts of things in Illinois in Southern Illinois, where, where all marijuana is legal. And I like them, and I trust them. And I know they’re running a good organization. And they have a couple dispensaries. So I tend to find the ones that I trust. And that’s what I would recommend.

John Malanca 25:22
 That’s the way I usually do as well. People that answer phones, have their information up there, test their products, I’m the I go with the ones that that grow their own products. So they’re not a third party. And like you said, you and I can go start a cannabis company, they are CBD company, they and if we have, you know, millions of dollars for marketing and have the prettiest label out there, and it could be crap on the inside. And so I always tell people, you know, we’ve all been guilty of judging a book by its cover. And even in the cannabis industry, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked a product but it’s a beautiful label beautiful cover. And I get on the inside and read it and it’s like, you know, I can’t believe it’s even being sold. And so thanks for I’m glad you we see I die on that which CBD more available for your patients, especially in Missouri. How you incorporate that into your, into your into your practice, because you’ve been you’ve been doing this a lot longer than CBD and cannabis has been in your practice. And so how did what made you do that paradigm shift to get into the hey, here’s another tool for our tool belt to help.

Dr. Becky Lynn 26:26
 So I’m knowing what I know about marijuana and then learning about CBD as I’m as I was going along with my research. You know, CBD is an analgesic. And but it hasn’t really been studied as a lubricant for sex. But I have several patients who have chronic pain, chronic painful sex, who have tried everything, like they’ve gone to Mayo Clinic and they’ve been to the east coast and they’ve tried everything that has been in our toolbox for chronic pelvic pain, including dyspareunia, which means painful sex. And, you know, and they’re like, I’m at my wit’s end. What can I do you know, what in the world can I do? And so, I found out and I learned there were CBD loops, and I’m like, What do you have to lose? Just try it. And so it totally, I mean, like, really, it’s as long as it’s from a reputable source, you have nothing to lose. And anecdotally, I’ve seen it work great for people who have what’s called vulvodynia, which is where it’s pain on the vulva on the outside of the vagina. And it’s not due to like a yeast infection or due to something else. And I’ve been like amazed and this is an I’m very, like science data driven person. So what I’m saying about the CBD lube is purely anecdotal, but I’ve seen really good results. So that’s why we sell it in our office. So that’s where I use it and those chronic pain patients.

John Malanca 27:58
 You know, cannabis has been known as being an antifungal as well. And so you think that that’s something that’s a reason?

Dr. Becky Lynn 28:05
 No, because in all my like, people who come in with this chronic vulvar pain, they’ve all been screened for yeast, they’ve been treated for yeast umpteen times, and it’s not making their pain go away. So, by the time we get to that point, we know it’s not yeast.

John Malanca 28:21
 Gotcha. Gotcha. Um, what’s your it is? You must see youth to adults. Is this something that you would recommend for the 12 or 13 year old girl? over the 40 year old girl woman? Excuse me?

Dr. Becky Lynn 28:39
 Um, I don’t really see that many adolescents actually. And because we have a really good adolescent gynecologist in town so um, so from for the patients that I saw I’m usually 18 and older and it really doesn’t matter how old they are if they have full the denier painful sex they I think they can try it.

John Malanca 29:01
 In more so. tincture wise right? Cuz I know you’re not a fan of the lube

Dr. Becky Lynn 29:07
 the loose. Try the tincture, but I’ve seen the lube work really well.

John Malanca 29:12
 Gotcha. Okay, I lost you on that one for a bit. Sorry. You You You You were talking about I know we’ve combined a few different topics. But But you you were with for your patients that are that are having issues, which are called volt vulva wedges are

Dr. Becky Lynn 29:30
 all the dinya so that’s like even on the Volvo which is that outside of the vagina, and it’s not due to anything else. Like there’s no lesions, no herpes, no other something. It’s just like they just have pain.

John Malanca 29:42
 And that’s that’s what you’re talking about. In regards to lube.

Unknown Speaker 29:45

John Malanca 29:46
 gotcha. Excuse me. Okay, now now now we’re back on track. Fast forward, rewind. To Well, good. And so where do you see the future of cannabis going? Not only in your practice, but in the studies that are out there and you I can I know you mentioned a lot of rodents, all the stuff all the studies, unfortunately, are on rodents, man, you know, the US is not leading the way when it comes to cannabis research, I think one because of the schedule one that is that it’s in. And it’s still a gray area, even with the CBD saying over legal in all 50 states to to purchase TV to see CBD. You know, you’re looking, China’s leading the way, you know, Europe’s leading the way Israel is leading the way. South America, Canada, and for some reason this little country called the United States is, you know, we’re still just doing rodent testing. And are you seeing any light at the end of the tunnel for this?

Dr. Becky Lynn 30:43
 Oh, I do think so I think the United States is pretty conservative, like compared to Europe. Yeah. Um, so And of course, you know, we have the issue with it being legal in some states and not others and still being federally illegal. But I’m sort of looking to Canada, to now that it’s legal everywhere in Canada, to have some good high quality studies. So by that I mean, you know, like a randomized, you put people in two groups, one person gets a placebo, or one group gets a placebo, the other group gets the drug, marijuana, and then you see how they respond. And that’s, that’s what makes for a good quality study. And that’s really hard to do. I mean, you could do it, you can definitely do it here in the States, but it’s difficult with the funding and all that stuff. Whereas Canada, I think it would be easier.

John Malanca 31:35
 But in your practice, your continued go? I mean, I know you’re a Board Certified gynecologist. So I know we’re in COVID right now. So I’m assuming you’re not going to conferences before this hit, which I can’t believe it’s coming up to a year. I mean, literally a year ago now. It’s just like crazy. Are they talking about it at the gynecology conferences about cannabis? Because I know it’s turning to happening in pharmacy conferences, integrative oncology conferences,

Dr. Becky Lynn 32:05
 right. So I will say the only person talking about it at the conferences that I’ve gone to is me. So you know, I’m, I’m a, I’m on the board of is Swish, which is the International Society for the study of women’s sexual health. And I’ve presented my data a couple times. And I, like, you know, I have a review on cannabinoids and insects in one of their journals. Um, but I haven’t really, when we think about No, that’s not true. So I did. I did a virtual meeting this year, because of COVID. With the international pelvic pain society, and they had it was sort of like a breakout session a discussion of medical marijuana’s use in pelvic pain. And so I went to that, and it was, I will say, everyone was so hungry for more information. So yeah. So yeah, it’s I’m not the only one there. They talked about it at their meeting, too.

John Malanca 33:04
 But I think it what I’m finding when I do go to these conferences, the pharmacy conferences, the oncology conferences, that everyone’s jumping on board, and they don’t know the warnings, as you’re talking about have a pretty label doesn’t mean what’s in the inside matches matches with labeling. So when I hear these doctors, I just picked up this, I’m like, Oh, my gosh, that is the worst one you could be offering. And I’ve said it even to our own naturopath, I said, just see that, you know that? Can I’ve been your patient for years. And to see that you’re recommending this and maybe they’re watching or not, but I love them. You know, it kind of worries me that all the other products that I’m taking are up to standard and you know, and when I said that they kind of looked at me and said you know what, you’re right. Wow. And so, but ask questions for you a patient asked, you know, has it grown here in the United States? Does it have lab testing QR codes, batch number expiration dates? Is it is it organic? I mean these are all just things that you same thing you’re putting in your in your body this way. Food wise you know you’re using this and treating this as something to bring your body back to homeostasis and balance. I appreciate your time Becky has as always what can you tell me a little bit about of worst center of menopause and sexual health and how they can find you and I know your your your state license in Missouri only, but what can you share for our Missouri clients and beyond?

Dr. Becky Lynn 34:42
 Sure. So um, the best way to find me is well, you can go to my website, which is evil IRA. So it’s easy as in Victor. Oh, Ra. Yeah, by I wish I didn’t pick this name as my website. It’s way too long Evora by Dr. And the doctor is Dr. So Evora by Dr. beckylyn, calm? Um, you can google Evora St. Louis, that’s probably the quickest way to find me. Um, but Evora, I basically it’s a, it’s, um, it’s a sort of a boutique kind of practice. In that I spend a lot of time with my patients, my patients have my cell phone number, you know, I really sort of give the whole concierge, you know, tight medicine, which I love doing. I love that so much. So I’ve sort of taken myself out of the corporate medicine, five minute visits, so I have time for my patience. I do do e health. And so this can be done anywhere in the United States, where I can just talk to you in general about what I you know, how I manage things, how you can use marijuana, you know, and basically, I’m not your doctor, because I can’t prescribe you medicine and things like that. But I can you know, discuss topics and answer questions and things like that, so they can find the E health on my website. I also have social media, which you can go to Becky, Caitlin and Dee on Facebook and Instagram. And I also have ads. Evora, women’s health on Facebook.

John Malanca 36:23
 Yeah. And can you talk about your education? Your YouTube Channel, too?

Dr. Becky Lynn 36:28
 Yes. So if you Google, Dr. Becky Lynn, you’ll find my YouTube channel. And this basically started several years ago, because when I was seeing patients, I found that I was telling many women the same thing over and over again. And a lot of women would say, I wish my husband could hear this, or I wish my partner could hear this. And so I was like, Well, why don’t I just record it? It’s pure education. And it’s education that we don’t get enough of right? Because Oh, sex is hush hush sex is bad, which it’s not. But there’s ice in my practice. So many women come in and say, Well, this is what’s going on what’s wrong with me? And I’m like, you’re normal. That’s how it is. But people don’t know because they get their information from, you know, pornography, or movies or, or all that. So I basically created it to provide education to both women and their partners. So that way we can take some of, you know, hopefully prevent somebody from feeling bad about themselves because they think they’re not normal. when really they are.

John Malanca 37:34
 Well, you know it, like you said it is hush hush and I don’t know why it’s taboo for a lot. And it shouldn’t be. I think conversation is very important one have with your communication, one with your partner, complex conversation. And you know, I applaud you for having that relationship with your kids. Like I have the greatest parents in the world. At that age, when I had the sex ed class. We lived overseas. My dad was in banking. And so we lived in Asia. Tokyo came back here to the States. Philippines came back to the States. And I missed the whole sex ed class. And we recently had a had a had a reunion. And I asked him I said it was topic came up. I think parents talk to their kids. I go, did you guys miss the whole? They should we all did. It wasn’t just you. We all did cuz I came back to the shape for high school. I know what to do. But I was like, I never had the topic. I never had this conversation even with my folks. Maybe my dad, you know, but so here hearing this, and even with Chris kids, you know, we talked about everything and they they knew that they’d come talk to us about everything and I thought How awesome is that? I think it just makes any any child or even a parent parent child relationship that much broader. So thank you for sharing your note. Any last final words for our listeners? You covered a lot. But um, but Well, I appreciate that. Go to Becky’s YouTube channel and she said, You know it helps break the ice if you’re having issues with your partner. Talking because sometimes us males are a little slow when it comes to communicating. So, but I thank you Becky Lynn, Dr. Becky that excuse me, and you can find and I’ll put all your information on. But you can find Becky at Evora Evo HQ Evo e ve o ra avora Center for menopause, sexual health. And thank you so much again for your time. Great working with you as well. And we’ll see you again. And everybody this is John Malanca with United patients group be informed and be well and we’ll see you soon. Bye bye.