Be Informed. Be Well. With John Malanca

Joe Dolce -The Benefits of Cannabis: Why It's Medicine

April 19, 2021 John Malanca Season 1 Episode 37
Be Informed. Be Well. With John Malanca
Joe Dolce -The Benefits of Cannabis: Why It's Medicine
Show Notes

Join us in this week’s podcast as John Malanca interviews Joe Dolce, the former editor-in-chief of Details magazine.  Follow this remarkable individual as he discusses the history, future and truths, myths, and the common misconceptions surrounding pot/marijuana/ it what you will, it’s all good for you!

Our podcast will delight you as Joe and John discuss the ever-evolving world of cannabis.  Whatever it has been called, cannabis has a long history of human use and helpful benefits.  

Dolce explains the historical relevance of the cannabis plant, its descent into the forbidden and finally into a Schedule I illegal “drug” and back again, state by state, while remaining federally illegal.

As Joe travels around the world seeking societal input on whether cannabis is helpful or not, he will surprise and delight with tales of cannabis’ success, its history of prohibition, the welcomed surprise of those who use it for medical purposes and the fight which continues for full acceptance of this ancient plant.  As Malanca and Dolce discuss the political landscape and its influence on marijuana, we find that perhaps we don’t know the truth about this sacred herb and that the answers to questions inevitably lead to more questions about cannabis!  

Tune in to watch something a bit different, yet very relevant in today’s world, and so very helpful when you ask yourself, “Should I use cannabis? Is it a dangerous ‘drug’? Do stoners know something I don’t and if cannabis is so effective in the treatment of disease and symptoms why are powers beyond my control dictating my health and wellness choices?”

Some of the questions and their answers will enlighten your mind, warm your heart, fuel your anger and perhaps confirm what you knew or change what you thought was the truth.

Tune in to see!

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